About Us

Your online financial training & collaboration tool

MoneyGurus is a project implemented by a South African based company called MoneyGurus (Pty) Ltd, which is a company that specializes in conceptualizing new innovative financial services & products and also innovative delivery mechanisms that will enhance access to financial services. MoneyGurus is a strategic web-based financial training & collaboration tool, accessible via PC or Mobile devices with internet access, which will form a bridge between the accredited & compliant financial experts & the public, with the purpose of enabling them to be capable of making day-to-day informed financial decisions.


Our vision is to grow financial literacy of our target audience using MoneyGurus platform, in order to improve upon financial inclusion.


To improve the efficiency of the financial industry, with regard to enhancing accessibility to services and products, through creating a simplified 1st tier access channel to the industry itself through the MoneyGurus platform.

Markets and Products

MoneyGurus will address the need for matters relating primarily to Financial Literacy Education, ‘Incidental Consultancy’ between an expert and an ordinary man on the street & then providing with precision our clients with the most adequate Financial Services and Products suiting their well considered special conditions, all at conveniently free to affordable costs, respectively. We will address the need for simplified access to necessary financial services & products through promoting convenient access and matching suitability & affordability. We commit ourselves to championing the adequate servicing of the public,  presenting embedded monumental opportunities when catered for accordingly and appropriately.


Our objective through MoneyGurus is to rapidly extend the ‘Access Frontier’ in the Financial Markets by the public.