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Welcome to the Public Wall! Upgrade your Personal financial sophistication by reading our weekly posted financial literacy material. Become more informed in Insurance matters, Savings & Investment matters, Credit matters and General Money Matters where you will learn general financial skills such as how to draw up a budget, how to complete filings of your annual tax returns with SARS, etc… . The Public Wall will give you the knowledge that allows you to take control of your financial life and be able to make more and better informed day-to-day financial decisions. If you are a business owner, you can benefit from the Public Wall as well in the same way as it caters for the business owners as well to help you deal with day-to-day financial decisions you are faced with allowing you to rise above the challenge in running a financially sound business. At any time you can ‘favourite’ the posted material you find interesting and that would archive it as one of your list of saved items.


Take part in our FLIQ (Financial Literacy IQ) challenge, which is a monthly competition assessing how your financial knowledge is improving as you go about reading our weekly posted public wall financial literacy material. Participate in the competition and stand a chance to win an assortment of prizes, which includes cash money prizes, on a month to month basis. The more your knowledge improves, the better your chances are at winning some of our prizes. Watch out for clues to some of the quizzes in some of the advertisements alongside!

We have included a few calculators to help you do a few important calculations such as calculating what your benefits would be when you retire, so you can decide if it’s enough or not; calculate how your financial responsibilities are impacted if you make an additional large lump sum deposit towards your Bond; and other calculators… most importantly, we have included a Budget Calculator that you can use to plan and assess your earnings and expenditures on a monthly basis and duly track improvements or the opposite.

Through the Public Wall, MoneyGurus presents to you BASICS, which is a series of infographics and animations aimed at illustrating financial concepts and situations in a simplified infographic or animated ‘storytelling’ format. This will surely put everything in perspective and deepen your understanding of the complex financial world.

Indulge in some of the literary expertise of our experts by reading some of the publications that will be published on an on-going basis on the public wall. We will also be publishing information that most of you, the users, find interesting, aimed at bettering your understanding of the financial world.

Find links of organisations to always remember in the financial environment for times when in trouble, for instance, such as the Banking Ombudsman, etc…

Upon being profiled, take advantage of the guidance that we will be providing relating to suggested products and services that you need and we think would best suit you in the ‘Offering’ environment that will pop up in your profile once we get to know you better.