Q & A

Q & A

At MoneyGurus, we have discovered that people learn in various ways and one of them includes learning through questions and answers. The Question & Answers environment is where we will make public some of your expressed curiousities and the resolutions to those curiousities. If selected, we will publish these Q&A format discussions on the Q&A environment and give the other public users the opportunity to gain from your curiousities as they could be struggling with getting answers to the same questions you have been having.

Besides just publishing the list of these Q&As, we will give everyone of our users the opportunity to vote on whether the answer given by the expert was helpful to them or not helpful such that we can identify and make known to you which experts are better at improving your financial knowledge compared to those who are not. When making this information on the experts’ expertise available to you, this will assist you in making better informed decisions when appointing them as your panel of experts.

In addition to voting on the experts’ level of expertise, you are allowed to let us know which topics you find most interesting and which ones you don’t, so we can focus our efforts at providing you with what you find relevant and interesting since we value your continued participation. You will be given the opportunity to do this by voting on whether a Q&A was interesting or not interesting.

If you find the answers of an expert interesting and worth following, you can search more of his/her Answers to previously archived published questions. You will be able to do this by doing a lookup activity on the activities of that expert, which will pull a search result list of Q&As related only to him/her. This will facilitate a research process on the expert, which in addition will assist the user to make a very informed decision when appointing the expert.

Lastly, you are able to favourite Q&As you are interested in, which will archive them on your saved list of items, to be accessed at any moment when you feel like going back on them.